Australia's Manuka

Bee on blossum

Australia’s Manuka produces bioactive MGO medicinal honey from its many apiaries which are found in the beautiful, coastal forests of the northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia.

Our bees gather nectar from this clean and pristine environment to bring to you some of the worlds’ most pure and potent bioactive Jellybush honey.

We specialise in harvesting and producing Australia’s Manuka honey from our own bees. All our medicinal honey has been scientifically proven and tested in independent laboratories to certify its antibacterial potency.

We began our family honey business back in 1996 as ‘Tyagarah Apiaries’ and have grown to become Australia’s Manuka Pty Ltd.  We continue to provide a high potency, bioactive medicinal honey for the Australian and overseas market.

We enjoy producing quality honey using our cold extraction methods, which helps to preserve the many beneficial compounds and enzymes found in our Australia’s Manuka bioactive honey.

We guarantee that you get the very best in every jar of the many grades of bioactive honeys from our delicious MGO 30+ multifloral to our purest MGO 1500+ Ultimate Honey.