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Bonny learned about the extent of plastic pollution and how it is destroying our oceans. Angry and at first, she was motivated and decided to help make a difference.

She ordered organic cotton with her favourite designs and warmed up the beeswax recipe. The house was filled with a beautiful aroma of jojoba oil and beeswax. She was hooked. She started using the wrappers she had made and shared them with friends.

The recipe was refined and Bonnybee was born. Now she had a product that she was proud of and a cause she was passionate about.

Her wraps are made in Byron Bay from organic and renewable ingredients with the help of solar energy. They can be recoated after 12 months and re-used or composted. The wraps are antibacterial and breathable so that the food stays fresh and not soggy.

Bonnybee is not only a commercial strategy but a philosophy, it is an opportunity to investigate sustainable solutions and share them with the community

Together we can generate social awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem and living in harmony with nature.