Byron Bay Olive Co.

Our Philosophy

Byron Bay Olive Co. at the markets

Byron Bay Olive Co. believes in giving our customers the highest quality products with the most amazing flavours. 

Our product range is made with little intervention but with much knowledge, confidence and expertise. 

Our Vision is for our product range to become a healthy part of our customers' diets and to be talked about at bbq's and social gatherings of family and friends, across Australia.

Our French Heritage 

Our owner and Captain - Antoine Quezel:

"I grew up with my parents' stall, from a young child to a teenager, working for them when I could. My first job at the market was to scoop the spices for customers when I was 5 years old. And much of my childhood was spent exploring and helping my parents."

Our ingredients 

Australian and Organic ingredients 

We here at Byron Bay Olive Co. understand how important Australian Made and Organic is. 
We have found and will continue to find local or Australian made suppliers that provide Organic or spray free olives and other ingredients to maintain the high quality that you have come to expect from Byron Bay Olive Co. 

Our Organic Olives are grown using organic principles. The Olives are naturally ripened on the tree, hand picked and then pickled in a salt brine for 15 months. This process retains the olives health benefits and enhances their natural flavours.

There is no caustic used in the process.

Enjoy these quality table olives from the Mediterranean climate of southern NSW

Southern European Ingredients

Through family partnerships established with farmers and producers in Italy, Spain and Greece from the daily Farmers Market that Antoine's family ran a stall, our olives and garlic are high quality and authentic.

Our Spanish garlic is from Spain, our Sicilian olives from Sicily in Italy and our Kalamata's from Kalamata in Greece. 

Olives were first cultivated and eaten in Mediterranean regions some 7,000 years ago. And the wisdom of growing and how to eat has been passed through the generations. 

We do our best to find high quality Australian ingredients but when we can't we tap into the wisdom, knowledge and quality of Southern Europe. 

Pitcured: the oldest Olive tree in the world at 3,000 years old, found in Greece.