ENKI Apothecary

Enki Organics Apothecary Tinctures Mullum Daylesford VIC mushroom

Why We're Different

Our herbs are fresh, organic and Australian grown by intentional herbalists. Unlike other herbal brands who use Internationally shipped or powdered form herbs. Powdered forms unfortunately reduce medicinal potency, as the active constituents are lost due to the powdering process.

When shipped Internationally they are subject to intense heat and light exposure, which lowers the medicinal content within the plant massively. There is also a high chance of them being irradiated - bathed in radiation during transit, which completely destroys the medicinal value and life force of the plant.

You can be sure that our products have been treated with the utmost care from garden to glass, extracted in-house through high quality intentional alchemical processes.

Our honorable herbal extracts are then bio-photonically preserved within Miron glass, which not only reduces exposure to specific light spectrums but actually increases medicinal potency over time. Miron was used by the Egyptians to preserve the life force of medicinal plants. This ensures the utmost protection upon leaving the lab, keeping them safe from our apothecary to yours.

From Glass to Garden, all of our products are grown biodynamically or wild harvested and hand picked by our Herbalists, guaranteeing you the highest quality possible products.

We distill & extract in house using artisanal techniques.

With zero chemicals and toxic solvents, presenting a unique level of quality when it comes essential oils, skin care and medicinal supplements.