A non-alcoholic that doesn't forsake flavour, appearance and versatility, ETTO was formulated by two bartenders who understand how to create cocktails and have been doing so in award-winning bars for many years.

The base palette was formed to reflect classic French/Italian style aperitifs, their constructs and ingredients. Once the base was set, various extracts were added to create a mid and top palette to achieve full-flavour. 

ETTO's maceration method of using 95% neutral cane spirit, was chosen to extract maximum flavour, colour and mouth feel from the ingredients, which are infused for no less than 96 hours before removed to leave the essences of each.

When first sipped ETTO tastes sweet but quickly transitions to bitterness on the tongue, with a bite in the jaw. Hero ingredients include dried gentian, dried schisandra berry, dried rooibos, fresh strawberry, fresh rhubarb and fresh beetroot.

ETTO is unique in flavour with a strong mouth feel and aromatic stewed fruit, vegetal and floral notes. It is versatile enough to mix with alcohol, can be used to create low ABV cocktails or enjoyed on its own. ETTO is all natural, with no added preservatives and uses an organic mushroom to keep shelf-stable for longer. 

Currently boutique distilling in a 100% Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste distillery in Byron Bay Australia. 


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