LifeFX Living Water


Water is sacred, it is our lifeblood. It runs through our veins and comprises our beings. We are vessels of water. Water is the foundation of our life, and it’s time to remember its sacred nature.

Water holds the frequency of what it encounters, and the waters of our planet and our bodies are ready to step beyond the densities and receive an upgrade.

LifeFX Living Water Droplets are primordial source minerals infused with sacred energetic and sound frequencies that remind us of the power of our waters.

The primordial minerals within Life FX naturally remineralise, purify and restore any freshwater including filtered, tap, rain, creek, distilled and reverse osmosis sources.

Toxic contaminants are eliminated and/or reduced with or without filtration including fluoride, chlorine, glyphosate, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and pathogens.

Our water becomes ultra-hydrating, ultra-pure and high-frequency, as Mother Nature intended.

Together, let’s reclaim the Living Waters of our bodies and our planet.

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