Naturally Driven

An idea that was brought to life by two friends on the dance floor at a festival, sharing our love of Yerba Maté. We contemplated why there was a distinct lack of low sugar, non-alcoholic beverages that contained natural energy
with real health benefits made with organic ingredients.
We came to the realisation that not many people in Australia knew of the magical South American herb - Yerba Maté. So why not create a new type of energy drink to share with the Australian market. One that was all natural, organic, low sugar, naturally caffeinated, and most importantly, really tasty!!
Our first mission: Find the best quality, sustainable and ethically sourced Organic Yerba Maté
Our next mission: To turn those amazing tea leaves into a tasty, natural energy drink with no added caffeine or horrible tasting sweeteners. We found that by cold brewing, we lock in all the nutrients and retain the high levels of caffeine from the Yerba Maté leaf.
Though we had no idea of the mammoth task ahead of us.
Countless trials and Yerba Maté down the drain, an exploding brewery and not to mention long COVID delays…
All this to make the perfect energy drink.
So here we are, 2 years later -
We have an amazing range of ACO certified organic teas,
Two sparkling organic Yerba Maté bevvies made from nothing but nature.
We also teamed up with Rainforest Rescue to produce eco-friendly accessories
and to help raise money and awareness about regenerating rainforests! 
 We can’t wait till you try our delicious drinks and teas.
You can taste nothing added but nature

& all the love gone into creating this brand<3

Thanks for your support,
Luke and Aliy x
Our mission
Our mission is to bring all natural, healthy and delicious energy drinks and tea to all Australians and beyond.
More Truth Less Ingredients
We are independent and all Australian. We’re transparent with our production and what’s inside our product. No strange preservatives or sweeteners here! Nothing added but Nature. Less ingredients, with real health benefits, staying true to what nature intended.
Ethical and Environmental
We knew straight away that we wanted to give back to the environment. This is why we have teamed up with Rainforest Rescue to help them protect rainforests forever. One of our favourite parts about Naturally Driven is the chance to donate revenue to this incredible charity. 
We make sure all our ingredients are ethically sourced and farmed.