One Eleven Health

One Eleven Health is the epitome of quality, excellence and luxury, delivering to you only the very highest quality potent Ayurvedic health products. Our herbal formulations are based on the wisdom of the oldest form of healthcare in the world, the unique and precise blends belonging to a long line of distinguished Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) in India. From start to finish, the process or sourcing our ingredients, to blending and formulating them, is created with love, steeped in ritual and with a deep reverence for nature. 

Born in 2021 as a conscious creative impulse, One Eleven Health is dedicated to bringing the highest quality consciously crafted health products based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to you in a fresh, simple and beautiful way that integrates easily into your daily routine. Our curated collection of potent herbal elixirs are designed to provide a potent boost for your mind, body and spirit, punctuating your busy lifestyle with moments of bliss and intention.

Our team of passionate meditators came together with a clear shared vision - to transform the consciousness and wellbeing of humanity through education and empowerment. Every touch point from the inception of the brand, to our intention and values, the packaging, people and products we produce, are deeply rooted in nature, crafted with excellence, and consciously and sustainably created. Why? Because you deserve the best. 


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